Station Park will be the preeminent lifestyle shopping center in the Salt Lake City region. The project will consist of approximately eight hundred thousand square feet of retail, entertainment, restaurant, office and hotel space. Station Park will offer the finest tenant mix and the finest presentation to the customer anywhere to be found along the Wasatch Front. Located at the intersection of Interstate 15, Highway 89, the new Legacy Parkway and the new Utah Transit Authority Commuter Rail, Station Park will enjoy the highest daily traffic counts to be found in the State of Utah.  At this intersection Station Park will be well positioned to serve some of the strongest household demographics from Salt Lake City to the suburbs to the north.

Station Park will be home to a broad selection of apparel, home goods, entertainment and restaurant opportunities, offering the discriminating shopper an experience unrivaled in the region.

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  POPULATION 2010 Estimate 2000 Census 1990 Census Proj. Annual Change 2010-15 HOUSEHOLDS 2010 Estimate 2000 Census 1990 Census Projected Households (2015) Proj. Annual Change (2000-15) AVG. HOUSEHOLD INCOME 2010 Estimate 2000 Census Avg. 1990 Census Avg. Proj. Avg. 2015 Download the complete Demographic Profile.
10 MILE   220,871 180,233 142,315 21,227 1.9%   66,242 54,293 41,456 70,072 12,838 1.9%   $89,222 $67,369 $41,831 $95,132
20 MILE   751,765 644,496 530,280 65,556 1.7%   252,331 219,533 185,130 274,703 45,170 1.4%   $71,444 $55,697 $34,347 $76,392


Chris Byers, Vice President, Leasing
office: 801.451.5993

Ashley Robinson, Senior Leasing Director
office: 208.888.1701

Melanie Vasquez, Senior Leasing Director
office: 310.563.6900

Short-Term Leasing:
Cynthia Phillips, Vice President, Business Development
office: 310.563.6900 ext 307

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