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Due to a focus on curating thoughtful projects that will endure as a lasting benefit to the communities we serve, CenterCal was chosen as a premier example of quality placemaking by the team behind "Informed." This glimpse at our genuine approach to placemaking gives insight into the magic one can create with the right mix of imaginative, talented, and passionate individuals.


"Informed" is an award-winning program that highlights new stories and innovative concepts through groundbreaking short-form and long-form documentary presentation. The program, which is anchored by a veteran production team with decades of industry experience, is able to effectively communicate the most critical stories to a wide and diverse audience. "Informed" is hosted by the inimitable Rob Lowe.

Utilizing strategic partnerships across numerous media distribution outlets, "Informed" continues to inspire audiences and stimulate conversations by tackling the most prevalent issues in the US, and across the world, with fervor and passion.

Informed with Rob Lowe
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