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A developer’s success can reach beyond the financial returns of the projects they build. At CenterCal Properties, we are focused on creating thoughtful projects that will endure as a lasting benefit to the communities we serve. Our primary goal is to design gathering places that will strengthen the social fabric of our neighborhoods, ultimately creating prosperity, happiness and a stronger sense of community.


CenterCal honors the customer by providing the best experience possible, through design, fine restaurants and retailers and amenities that enhance the surrounding neighborhoods. Since we believe strongly in partnering with the community for many years to come, we offer many reasons to visit our projects more often with activities, entertainment and community events that provide a social atmosphere that is inviting and fun.


Each project is genuinely a team effort and we employ a carefully curated mix of imaginative, talented and passionate individuals. Our role is to fiercely protect the CenterCal brand and purpose, as every team member holds each project close to their hearts. For many of our employees, these developments are within their own backyards; therefore we all have a vested interest in doing it right.


In 2004, Fred Bruning and Jean Paul Wardy announced the formation of CenterCal Properties, LLC. The Company was created to continue their tradition of developing and acquiring fine retail properties throughout the western United States.


Our company’s mission also includes finding opportunities that will provide a secure return to its investors by creating solid and sustainable cash flow growth.


A key factor in successfully creating value is to understand the product to be marketed. In the retail real estate industry, this means having the ability to thoroughly understand the requirements of the tenants and to effectively communicate the vision of the project to the tenants, government officials and lenders, all of whom share an integral role in the successful completion of any retail project.


Fred Bruning and Jean Paul Wardy announced the formation of CenterCal Properties, LLC.


CenterCal employees
in 12 offices across the

Western United States.







When we look at a new project, the amenities and activities are established first, then the tenants and uses fill in around them. This keeps us ahead of the mixed-use curve, and in front of trends in entertainment and retail.


By providing our guests with top-tier amenities such as our Fountain Square and Performance Parks, bike valet, free wi-fi, complimentary strollers, wheelchairs and family restrooms, our customers feel acknowledged and appreciated.


While experience is very important in the evolution of retail, the new generation looks at the landscape differently, which is exciting. We are on the forefront of developing these amenities and experiences and will continue to evolve with the times.


We are an industry-leading private retail development company. We design and build unique, meaningful community gathering places which honor our customers as well as redefine the trends for the overall retail experience. We empower communities by developing spaces that sustain future generations rather than concern them. At the same time, we provide our guests with destinations in which they can gather, connect, inspire, create, and be both surprised and delighted.


We are not simply building shopping centers - we are adding thoughtful elements to the communities we serve that are designed to increase the social fabric of each community in its own special way.

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CenterCal commissions many different types of artwork as a gift to the public. Our commissioned pieces include thoughtful sculptures which tell stories of life and adventure through the arts, education and exploration. We also highlight sculptures that honor the patriotism for those who have served and continue to serve our country. Each project’s artwork has a unique and touching story.


CenterCal Properties is a creative mixed-use development platform and is one of the most active retail developers in the United States.


As we continue to expand our portfolio and team, our acquisition criteria has evolved into a diverse program of offerings. These encompass net lease grocery anchored developments, joint ventures and large mixed-use ground up developments.


We are entertaining many different types of opportunities and welcome your vision for discussion.

Primary Markets Include:
California, Idaho, Oregon, Utah, Washington


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